Turning My Life Over To God By Turning My To-Do List Over To God TRY IT!

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In His Footsteps

I started the In His Footsteps project when I was overwhelmed with my huge to-do list.  I started asking God, “What should I do today?”  Just like Christ.

In His Footsteps is the book I wrote based on what happened as a result.  I kept thinking I needed to get my life in order before I could turn it over to God.  Finally I just turned my life over to Him, and He got it in order!  More than in order.  Filled it with amazing purpose, people to love who love me, and constant joy and peace.  Plus enough sleep and no stress.  You can find out all about it in the book In His Footsteps,

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Margaret AgardMargaret Agard is a mother, former missionary and an award-winning, best selling author.

She and her husband Parker live on 40 acres in the mountains. They’re working hard to build a self sufficient home while keeping up with service to family, church and community – and doing the laundry. (A portion of each book sold supports schools for children in third world countries who live in the city dumps).

In her book series, In His Footsteps, Margaret shares her adventures in hearing the voice of God and acting on His direction. The more she follows, the more exciting her life becomes as God continues to lead her in unexpected and delightful directions.

Using a conversational, and at times humorous, style she shares openly what she has learned so others can apply it in practical, life changing ways.

She writes for people of faith who balance the desire to serve with the often over-whelming demands of daily life.

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