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Another God Loves You Miracle

On Sunday the sister missionaries asked me for a ride on Tuesday to see a family who wasn’t returning their calls or text messages. “We’ll be fasting and praying for them all day,” one said. A 60 mile dr...


Forgiving The Unforgivable

And Become Whole. Speaking at a conference with the theme “Becoming A Zion People” my focus was Forgiving the Unforgivable. You can hear the 20 minute talk right now – or just read the main points below.  ...

Living In His Footsteps

The Yellow Pad

The Yellow Pad: A Wisdom Prayer God gave me a gift today. Awhile ago I gave up trying to make my life work with all my lists, calendars, and yellow sticky notes and just said, “God, I need help! I have clients who are expecting...

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The Tomb Is Only Empty Because Christ is Risen

How many of your trials or losses turned out to be the blessing? You are at college homesick and sad, mourning the loss of your old life. At college you meet your spouse, you get the training for a fulfilling career. You grieve...