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The Yellow Pad: A Wisdom Prayer God gave me a gift today. Awhile ago I gave up trying to make my life work with all my lists, calendars, and yellow sticky notes and just said, “God, I need help! I have clients who are expecting custom reports, EPA global warming scenarios to run, church members [...]

How many of your trials or losses turned out to be the blessing? You are at college homesick and sad, mourning the loss of your old life. At college you meet your spouse, you get the training for a fulfilling career. You grieve because you are an "empty-nester." Why? Because you did a good job [...]

Here's a tidbit from the next book due out end of May Jose Romero “You’ve got to meet Jose Romero,” said Elder John, smiling in anticipation of our pleasure.  “He’s crazy!” said Elder John. “You want us to meet a crazy person?” we said. “He talks fast, moves fast, and has all kinds of projects [...]

Five Must Know Tips for Creating Your Own Feel Good Spaces Sherry Burton Ways shares her discoveries for creating a space you can come home to for rejuvenation and healing of your body, mind and spirit. Five must know tips and techniques for creating your own Feel Good Space How to create a Feel Good [...]

Every year my father donned his Santa Claus outfit and headed out. First he visited the small children in our home. Next he went to the neighbors, and finally he delivered cookies and gifts my mother had made to widows and shutins. One year a woman called the house saying she heard the knock, saw [...]

The Art, Writing and Crafting of A Healing You have been given talents that you can use both to heal yourself and others. Think you don't have such a talent? Listen as today's guests share their healing talents and how they discovered them. Ted makes art of people's scars Gina reads and writes fiction for [...]

Service The Secret To Successful Healing A doctor, an author and a businesswoman all found the secret. Al Stone of Eagle Herbs, Vicky Trabosh author, speaker and founder of Rwandan Service organization, Itafari, and Diane Conklin of Complete Marketing Systems share how compassion and service brings healing Understanding the difference between pain and suffering What [...]

How To Go From Grief to Gratitude; Turn Tragedy Into Triumph Kimberly Friedmutter, "professional gratitudist", shares two simple exercises to change your perspective How to move your eyes (yes! your eyes) to replace anger, fear, grief and frustration with peace and gratitude The best time to problem solve and why Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn shares The [...]

Eight Steps To Forgiveness People who have forgiven always say, I just decided to forgive and did it.  OK.  What if that doesn't work for you?  What if you said that but then still were upset and angry?  Tagg Taylor shares a step by step process that gets you there. Why would you want to? [...]

Prevent the wounds in the first place: Be the best parent you can be Dr. Fran Walfish, a child, couple and family psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, CA and the author of The Self Aware Parent: Resolving Conflict and Building a Better Bond With Your Child, shares her top ten parenting tips. What does accepting yourself [...]