In His Footsteps:

I Gave My To-Do List To God and Got More Done, More Sleep and Less Stress

Margaret Agard shares the prayer of desperation that became the foundation for a life of abundant love, peace and joy.

The wise and witty tale of what happened delights and inspires.

What people like you have to say

  • "Inspirational and funny.  A great combination. I plan on giving copies to friends"
  • "Written in bite size chunks for those of us with 'too much to do and too little day to do it in'"
  • "Highly encouraing, while still showing the very real daily choices it takes to live such a life"
  • "You sit stunned for minutes after you finish and wonder whether you have that much courage and strength inside"
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  • Learn how to live each day in extraordinary ways.”

    Myra Dolan

    Founder, Community Garden of Charleston
  • I find strength in her stories of struggle and hope in her desire to be humble. I give copies to friends”

    Robin Rogers

    Mommy Blogger
  • Her walk with God is the same we all share, the frustrations we feel when it seems that we have such a hectic schedule we don't give God the time we need to


    Amazon Reviewer
  • Book Reveals Satisfying Result of Turning Your Will Over to God”

    Stephanie Abney

    Book Reviewer, Deseret News
  • The book amazed me... The honesty of [her] voice, the humorous tone, the struggle [she] portrayed... The conversational tone adds to the enjoyment of reading the unfolding of faith.”

    Judge,Writers Digest

Margaret Agard

About the Author

Former missionary, wife, mother, award winning author

Margaret Agard shares her struggles in hearing the voice of God and acting on His direction.  The more she follows, the more her life is filled with deep meaning and true purpose.

She writes for people of faith who balance the desire to serve with the often over-whelming demands of daily life.
She shares openly what she has learned so others can apply it in practical, life changing ways.